Two Years After TweetDeck Acquisition, Founder Iain Dodsworth Leaves Twitter

TweetDeck founder Iain Dodsworth announced today that he’s leaving Twitter. In his tweet, Dodsworth said that it’s been two years since Twitter acquired TweetDeck, and “now feels like a perfect time to start something new.”

Dodsworth’s departure comes as Twitter’s vision for TweetDeck does seem to be shifting. A few months ago, it shut down the iPhone, Android, and AIR versions. There are still native Windows and Mac apps, but the company has suggested that the web version will be its focus going forward.

Naturally, today’s news has prompted more speculation and handwringing about TweetDeck’s future. For example, Reuters social media editor/incoming Circa editor-in-chief Anthony De Rosa tweeted that the news made him “fear even more for @TweetDeck.” But Erica Anderson, Twitter’s manager of news, responded that TweetDeck has a new product manager, Sharath Bulusu from the Guardian (whose hiring was announced a couple of weeks ago).

“We do realize how important it is,” Anderson said.

A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment further on the news.

Update: Also, Twitter is hiring for TweetDeck.