Meet Rhett, The Reason You Should Donate Money To Charity To Hang Out With A VC [TCTV]

How much is a dinner with SV Angel co-founder and managing partner David Lee worth? When you put it into the context of where the money will be going, the answer should be “it’s almost priceless.” Today, I got to sit down with Lee and a special new friend of TechCrunch’s that I’ll introduce in a moment.

Lee is participating in the 4th annual “Venture Capital Master’s Lunch Series,” a program put together by MobilizeForTheCure, which benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It’s a fundraiser to build awareness and raise money for a very important cause — fighting blood cancers.

VCs like David Lee, Keith Rabois, Megan Quinn, Tim Draper and Shervin Pishevar are donating their time for a private lunch or dinner to benefit the cause. To date, the “Master’s Lunch Series” has raised over $200,000, and they’re hoping for another big return this year.

Back to our new friend, Rhett Krawitt, who’s battling a form of blood cancer. The five-year-old Leukemia & Lymphoma Society “Boy of the Year,” and big-time Giants fan, is inspiring. He’s the reason you’d want to donate your money to spend time with the folks that I mentioned above. What makes this even more special is that Lee has battled cancer himself, so this is a very personal mission. I spoke with both of them today, and I have to say that it was an honor. I think even Lee will agree that the true honor was getting to know Rhett, though.

As Rhett puts it, it’s time to get rid of the “bad guys,” so there’s your reason to participate. Even if you can’t donate the money, there are other ways to get involved with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

I give a damn, too. How about you? I feel like every startup in the world should have someone as brave as Rhett come in and wake everyone up to what’s really important in life. It would definitely give them a new perspective on things.

PS: Rhett had chemo last night, but didn’t complain once. He’s my hero.

[Unnecessary Disclosure: I’ll be moving on to Yahoo! soon]