Google Apps Admins Finally Get An Android App To Manage Their Users, Services And Devices On The Go

Google has continuously made its Google Apps Admin Console for IT professionals who manage large Google Apps for Business, Education and Government deployments more powerful. But one thing it never offered these administrators was a mobile app to manage at least a subset of the Admin console’s features. Today, however, Google finally released its first official Android app, which allows admins to perform many common tasks right on their phones and tablets.

For the most part, the new Google Admin app focuses on handling user accounts. Admins can add users, reset passwords, manage groups, upload profile pictures and suspend users. Beyond user management, the app also allows them to contact support, view domain setting changes and review audit logs.


Today’s announcement comes just a few weeks after Google launched its completely revamped Admin console and two weeks after Google made its new Admin SDK available to developers who want to customize their own tools for their organizations.

Getting started with the app is pretty easy, but admins have to remember to enable API access for their organizations. Google recommends that Google Apps for Business users also enable Device Policies for their domains, but this is not mandatory. One other thing to note is that only “super administrators” will be able to log in to the app.