Any.DO Integrates Kiip’s Reward System To Make Completing To-Do Lists A Daily, And Fun, Habit

If your’e a to-do list junkie, then you’ve probably already heard about Any.DO. The leader in the space just nabbed $3.5 million in funding to dive deeper into the personal productivity space. One of the things that Any.DO has done to keep its approach fresh is integrate Kiip’s reward platform, which will give you stuff when you complete a to-do list.

It’s an interesting approach for both companies, specifically Kiip, since most advertisers are used to having game-only opportunities for giving their wares away to app users. For Any.DO, it’s just another way to turn task management into a daily habit, its founder and CEO, Omer Perchik, told us.

kiip-rr-anydo-nexus-4While Perchik isn’t turning task management into a game, per se, he is leveraging Kiip’s strengths, which is tracking important “moments” that happen within an app, whether it’s a game, fitness or to-do list app. If a developer can extract those moments within an app where users accomplish something, then they can easily use Kiip’s platform to monetize those moments, and use it as a way to keep users engaged.

“One of the most important parts in habit formation is having a positive reinforcement loop and Kiip is a great partner for that,” Perchik said. He tells us that since implementing Kiip, Any.DO users have generated more than 2.5 million rewarding moments so far. For just about any brand, that’s a great opportunity to get awareness and affinity for whatever it is they’re trying to promote. When you capture a user in a moment where they’ve accomplished something, then your brand becomes a part of that moment.

Users of Any.DO are pretty happy about it, even tweeting about what they’ve just earned. Think about that for a second…an app user tweeting an advertisement. That’s what has made Kiip an interesting solution for developers looking to monetize, without giving up real estate and user experience for ugly banner ads.

Kiip has raised $15.3 million to date to shift advertisers away from thinking about old, and increasingly unreliable, metrics like impressions, in favor of key points in a mobile app that bring stronger intent with it. The intent portion of what happens in an application can be the difference between an ad being interacted with and being ignored. It’s an obvious shift, but Kiip has nailed it for all sides involved: users, developers and advertisers.

By giving people things that are useful, like Uber credits, when they’ve achieved a task, Any.DO can learn more about their habits and what will keep them coming back for more. If there was ever an answer to “when is an ad not an ad?” this would be it.