Here Are The Commands You Need To Gain Root Access To Your Google Glass

There has been a lot of talk about rooting your Glass device, or if it’s even possible. Well, it is. During a Hacking Google Glass session today, the team shared the steps to go through to gain root access for your Glass device.

Only the Fastboot tool for UNIX works, but there have been issues with using the OS X one. An official native dev kit will be available, too, which was announced earlier. If you can’t wait for an SDK to port your apps from Android to Glass, then get your root on.

This will void your warranty, so beware:


The entire process seems to take about 10-15 minutes, giving you warning messages along the way:


After you’ve run through all of that, bam, you get access to the entire data partition. You’re rooted and your device is worth nothing:


One developer has run Ubuntu on Glass, something that only a handful of geeks will try, but fun nonetheless:


“This isn’t the recommended Glass team way of building apps,” said the team, but hacking is worth it, right? When you root the device, Google’s support team will no longer help you if you get stuck. If you’re worried about voiding your warranty, the Glass team also discussed the device’s debug mode, which is much safer.