Yahoo Wants To Buy Everyone, Tumblr Edition

The first rule of being cool is not telling people you want to be cool. Yahoo <a target="_blank" href="

Sina Narrows Its 1Q Loss As It Counts On Weibo-Alibaba Deal To Bolster Ad Revenue

Despite rising costs and increasing competition from rivals like Tencent, Chinese Internet giant Sina narrowed its first-quarter net loss to $13.2 million from $13.7 million a year earlier, the compan

Life-Tracking App Expereal Is Your Personal Weapon Against Cognitive Biases

Emotions play tricks on our memories, making our recollections of events much happier or heart-wrenching than they actually were. Smartphone app <a target="_blank" href="">Expereal

MessageMe Raises A $10M Series A Led By Greylock As It Gears Up For Money And Premium Services In Its Rich Messaging App

MessageMe -- a messaging app that <a href="">launched in March</a> with a little Facebook <a href="

Experience A Google Maps Free Fall With Instrument’s Maps Dive At Google I/O

One of the most interesting product demos on display at Google I/O this year was a virtual sky-diving simulation built using eight separate computers running Chrome, along with a Kinect-like motion se

CrowdOptic Raises Another $1M To Build Experiences Based On Where Your Phone Is Pointing

<a target="_blank" href="">CrowdOptic</a>, a startup with technology for identifying where people are pointing their smartphone cameras, has raised another $1 million in fundi

NVIDIA’s Shield Mobile Gaming System Feels Like The Way Android Games Should Be Played

NVIDIA brought its new Shield handheld gaming system to Google I/O this year and showed off a near-production device. The Shield made its debut at CES this year, surprising most since it's a consumer

Tableau Software To Open Trading On The NYSE At $31 Per Share With Market Symbol “DATA”

Data visualization software company <a target="_blank" href="">Tableau Software</a>, going by the symbol "DATA," will start trading tomorrow on the New York Stock Exchange at

For Real, Ex-Groupon CEO Andrew Mason Is Releasing An Album Of Motivational Music

Andrew Mason must be some kind of spirit animal of optimism. We assumed he was kidding when today he wrote that he had recorded "a seven song album of motivational business music". Just three months a

Why CrunchGov Is Endorsing Eric Garcetti For Mayor Of LA

“Los Angeles is an underachieving city,” wrote the Los Angeles Times in its 2013 mayoral endorsement. “The candidate with the most potential to rise to the occasion and lead Los Ang

Google Says All 2,000 Glass Explorers Have Been Invited To Pick Up Their Device

Today, Steve Lee of the Google X and Glass Team, announced that as of last week, all 2,000 developers who signed up for the Glass Explorer program at last year's I/O conference have now <a href="https

Now With More Than 1.5B Page Views A Month, Secret Sharing App Whisper Launches On Android

Secret sharing app Whisper has seen tremendous growth since launching last fall. But until recently, it’s only been available on iOS. With a launch on Android’s Google Play store this week, Whispe

Leap Motion Talks New Beta, We Go Hands On With Motion-Controlled Google Earth

Leap Motion was showing off its still unreleased gesture motion controller for computers at Google I/O 2013. The demo unit allowed you to use the controller to navigate Google Earth, and the functiona

How Google Took Street View For A Dive

Google's underwater Street View launched last September, but Google's Ocean program actually started six years ago when one of the founders of Keyhole (which, after being acquired by Google, later bec

Here Are The Commands You Need To Gain Root Access To Your Google Glass

There has been a lot of talk about rooting your Glass device, or if it’s even possible. Well, it is. During a Hacking Google Glass session today, the team shared the steps to go through to gain

Y Combinator Adds Four Part-Time Partners, Including Groupon’s Andrew Mason (Who’s Also Starting A New Company)

Y Combinator's Paul Graham revealed a bunch of personnel news in <a target="_blank" href="">a just-published blog post</a

Jen Lamere, The 18-Year-Old Developer Trying To Save Us From TV Spoilers On Twitter, Scores An Internship There

Participating in hackathons is nothing new in certain parts of the world, especially Silicon Valley. Once in a blue moon, a small team of people creates something exciting that generates buzz, potenti

Check Out Facebook’s Nerdy Library Of Its Research Papers

If subjects like "XORing Elephants: Novel Erasure Codes for Big Data" get you all worked up, you'll dig the "Research Publications At Facebook" site, which collects scientific papers written by Facebo

PSA: The Original Karateka Is Now Available For iOS And Android

I remember waking up 6am, going downstairs, and firing up my Atari 800XL. The disk labeled <em>Karateka</em> inserted, the drive would grunt a few dozen times and the screen would flash. Suddenly, wit

Here’s A Weekend Project For First-Time Tinkerers: Turn Your Converse Into A DIY Light Show

The weekend isn't upon us just yet, but here's a little project to tuck away for when the Sunday doldrums set in -- the New York-based tinkerers/part suppliers at Adafruit Industries have worked up a
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