Google: 40% Of Android Users Accept Google+ Sign-In’s Over-The-Air Install Prompts

Ever since Google launched its new Google+ Sign-In for mobile and the web, the company has been saying that one of the most popular features on the platform is the ability for publishers to direct users to install their native Android apps with a single click during the sign-in process. These over-the-air installs, Google today revealed, have indeed turned out to be a nice way for publishers to direct users to their mobile platforms. About 40% of those who see the prompt, the company told me today, accept and install the app.

Here is what Seth Sternberg, Google’s product manager for the Google+ platform (and former Meebo CEO) had to say:

“When we launched Google+ Sign-In, we wanted to bridge the gap between desktop and mobile by allowing web users to instantly download a site’s Android app with just one click using our over-the-air install feature. Since launch, we’re now finding that 40% of people who are offered to install a website’s mobile app, accept. This is a significant benefit for consumers, who can now easily access their favorite sites on the go, and developers, who are experiencing greater mobile usage.”

The Google+ sign-in feature has obviously been a major focus for the Google+ platform team lately and it seems like the service is seeing some good early traction. Just a few days ago, Google announced that it will feature over 50 Google+ partners it I/O later this week. The Guardian, one of earliest partners for the Google+ sign-in system, for example, said that Google+ sign-ins now account for 41% of social sign-ins on the site.