Aereo Is Coming To Atlanta: June 17 For Pre-Registered Users, June 24 For Everyone Else

Fresh on the heels of announcing new streamlined pricing plans, Aereo is announcing plans to launch its service in Atlanta as part of its move to expand outside of New York and across the country.

The service will launch in Atlanta on June 17 for users who pre-register for the service. Then, on June 24, Aereo will open up the service to everyone in the Atlanta area.

For those who don’t know what Aereo does, it’s a simple, yet groundbreaking service. By using micro-antennas stored remotely, Aereo can pull in OTA broadcast channel signals and stream them to its users for a relatively cheap price. Users of the service can even record shows in Aereo’s cloud DVR service.

To be clear, the Atlanta region covers large chunks of Georgia, Atlanta and North Carolina, and extends across 5.3 million people in 55 counties.

Atlanta marks the third market Aereo has entered. Originally, the service launched in the New York area to get off of its feet. Then, just this month, Aereo pushed into Boston.

The company has seen quite the opposition to its disruptive service. A band of major broadcast networks has come after the fledgling startup with a lawsuit in New York, though Aereo is holding up well under the pressure, as the company won in a preliminary injunction hearing to keep the service open.

However, these broadcast networks have threatened to continue suing Aereo as it expands into new territories, which is why Aereo filed a complaint with the courts asking that the plaintiffs be restricted from filing “do-over” lawsuits in other jurisdictions.