On-Demand Helper Startup Wunwun Launches Branded Delivery Services For Businesses

On-demand helper startup WunWun has for the past few months offered consumers the ability to get pretty much anything delivered for a flat rate. Now, the company is offering its service to businesses who want to make local, same-day delivery a perk for their customers.

WunWun, like Exec and TaskRabbit, enables customers to ask for on-demand help in a number of categories. Customers can ask to have certain services done or get something delivered, for instance. You could get basically anything delivered for a flat rate of $15, or you could have one of WunWun’s helpers perform a task at a rate of $2 for every five minutes.

But since launch earlier this year, the company has found that the vast majority of requests are deliveries, according to WunWun co-founder Lee Hnetinka. Knowing that, the startup has decided that, in addition to offering a consumer-facing app for on-demand services, it could use the helpers it’s signed up to offer same-day delivery in New York City.

The new offering, called WunWun Power, is designed to offer businesses a new way to please their customers. To take advantage of the service, local retailers need only add a line of code to their website for checkout, and connect with the WunWun API to initiate local deliveries. Rather than the flat rate for consumers, WunWun is creating custom pricing options for businesses because, you know, volume.

It’s also trying out a little thing called branded delivery services for one client in particular. For men’s skin care and grooming product company Anthony, WunWun will have its helpers make deliveries from the local retailer to parts of New York City. Called “Anthony On Demand,” products will be brought directly to a customer’s door by a WunWun helper decked out in Anthony garb.

For now, WunWun is only available in New York City, but as usually happens, the company has plans to expand into other markets over time. The startup has five full-time employees there, as well as a roster of helpers to make things happen.