Formlabs Prepares To Ship The Super Sexy Form One 3D Printer

The boy geniuses of Formlabs, David Cranor, Maxim Lobovsky, and Natan Linder have posted a video detailing their Form One 3D printer, one of the most well-put-together 3D printing devices we’ve seen in a while. The Form One uses a form of stereolithography that prints the objects “upside down” by activating polymers with laser light. The resulting objects come out of a bath of plastic looking like Neo tumbling out of his oozing cocoon in The Matrix.

The team at Formlabs is testing the first 15 units and will begin shipping their devices to Kickstarter supporters over the next few weeks. They’ve also launched a support forum for beginning users, a must-have for such a nascent technology.

Beta users are testing the Form One as we speak and the team is gathering test data.

With their help, the Form Team has been able to quickly identify issues while having the capacity to address them head on. The data is invaluable to test software and hardware, not to mention to prepare instructional material for the thousands of users we will eventually support.

The company launched a successful Kickstarter campaign last August and they’ve been showing prototypes of the high-tech Form One for a few months now. It looks like the system is finally coming to fruition.