Boobs? Brayola Wants You To Snap A Pic Of Your Bra For The World’s Viewing And Judging Enjoyment

Who wants to see some boobs?

Thanks to a new feature from Brayola, the startup looking to pair your boobs with the right bra, you can not only check out an endless stream of breasts but perhaps you can even find a bra that fits correctly.

According to the company, 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Shocking, no? But the new Fit or Not feature from Brayola aims to change all that, and not in the most traditional way you might imagine.

Brayola already helps women find the right bra by asking them to give information on their favorite bras that they already own. Tell the service about the make, model and size of your favorite bras, and its engine will help you find more bras that will fit in a similar way.

With Fit or Not, the company is trying to help educate users on sizing, as that’s the most important factor in purchasing a bra that you’ll love and be comfortable in.

To start out with Fit or Not, you try on a bra and (prepare yourself for this) take a picture of your boobs. Brayola monitors all pictures uploaded to the service to ensure that no one’s face is ever pictured. Obviously, a tattoo or incriminating birthmark will blow all that anonymity to shreds if shown to the right person, so it’s understandable if the idea is a bit panic-inducing.

However, founder Orit Hashay believes that since the photos don’t show anyone’s face, are uploaded under usernames or handles (as opposed to being attached to your real name) and are uploaded to a community of fellow bra-wearing women, it’s not quite as risky as one might think.

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Once the photo is uploaded, users of the service instantly have the option to say yes, no, or pass. Then, a “bra expert” steps in and makes the final call.

I know what you’re thinking — if 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra, why would I care what they think about the fit of my bra. They’re clearly misinformed.

But hold up just one second. In reality, the polling is more for those voting than for the woman trying on a bra. According to Hashay, women want to know whether or not they guessed right on the fit of a bra, and are many times surprised when a bra expert steps in and says that the majority of voters were actually wrong.

To Hashay, it’s a feature centered around education.

To use Fit or Not or Brayola in general, head on over to the website and sign up.