TC Cribs: A Trek Through DotCloud, An Urban Jungle For Plotting World Domination

It’s been a while since the TechCrunch TV team has taken a tropical vacation, but we were able to take a walk on the wild side (no passports required) while shooting this latest episode of Cribs at open platform-as-a-service startup DotCloud.

DotCloud’s office is smack in the middle of the financial district of San Francisco, but when you step inside it feels like you’re in the middle of a jungle — albeit a very well-connected jungle with desks, computers, and intensely-focused programmers. That’s because DotCloud has decorated its office with dozens of plants in every space possible, on the floor, on desks, and even hanging from the ceilings. The greenery provides a very cool juxtaposition with the cityscape outside DotCloud’s 16th floor windows — a blend of Gordon Gekko’s office and Jurassic Park that somehow works really well.

And it’s not just people who enjoy DotCloud’s leafy oasis. The company’s staff also includes an adorable baby tortoise named Gordon who I may or may not have tried to abduct adopt. What can I say, we bonded.

Check it all out in the video above.