Chris Dixon On How Tech Can Turn NYC Into A Town That Makes, Not Takes [TCTV]

Andreessen Horowitz partner Chris Dixon has been a big part of the New York City scene for years — and finance has long been a dominant industry in the city. So when talking about the ascent of Bitcoin onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC Dixon directly addressed corruption in Wall Street, we thought it’d be interesting to follow up and hear more.

So in our chat backstage, Dixon talked a bit more about how he sees the tech industry impacting the “company town” feeling of Wall Street dominating New York — and how tech is shifting the energy of the city back from a place that takes things, to a place that makes things. We also talked about Andreessen Horowitz is investing beyond software and into the hardware space, Dixon’s very popular personal blog, and more.

Check it all out in the video above.