Celebrate Star Wars Day By Blinding General Grievous, Losing R2

Beep boop boop bee squeee! Happy May 4th aka Star Wars Day (say the date out loud and you’ll figure out why). In celebration, quite a few hardware vendors have released special gear for the day, thereby allowing you to celebrate the magic of George Lucas in proper Mandalorian fashion.

First we have a charming facsimile of R2-A6, a green R2 unit that is a favorite of the Naboo security forces. Made by Mimobot, this sassy little droid you’re looking for comes with built-in content, including desktop backgrounds and icons. They also make a Jar Jar Binks USB key if you’re so inclined.


Next we have something from Lucasfilm lawsuit recipient Wicked Lasers whose Arctic laser looks like everything but a replica of a light saber. To celebrate May 4th, the company has released the $75 Phosforce that turns the Arctic laser into a white LED flashlight that can pump out an Ewok-blinding 500 lumens, allowing you to swing your thing around in the dark swamps of Dagoba or the back alleys of Coruscant.

To be clear, the Phosforce attachment must be purchased in addition to the $299 laser body and the adapter turns the Arctic’s decidedly dangerous blue laser light into eye-safe white light. It is not exactly an LED flashlight in the traditional sense but instead uses white-emitting phosphor. Also, to be clear, you can burn the heck out of your eyes if you mess with this thing wrong, so be careful.


Happy fourth and remember: Han shot first. May you live long and prosper.