Staples Is Now Selling 3D Printers

Do you guys have any Green Day? Really? Yeah, like the early Knitting Factory stuff. Not this Dookie garbage. Yeah, I liked them before they sold out.
What else you got? Staples is selling Cube 3D Printers for $1,299? Seriously? That is total bull. I remember when I used to see 3D printers in like hackerspaces down in Alphabet City and now they sold out like that? Damn. People do anything for money.

I mean that’s totally stupid. Real fans are all totally into 3D printing but when you get it all corporate you lose so much cred, you know? Like how the Pixies sold out and like imploded. I know. Makerbot would never sell their stuff at Best Buy. Who’s going to buy one? Some stockbroker jerk in a suit? Those dudes are legit punk.

But man, I’m telling you: 3D printing is totally over. I saw the first Shapeways stuff come off the line back in 2007 when they played the Netherlands and I was totally there when the guys at Form Labs launched the Form:One on stage at CBGB. For these guys to totally sell out is absolute garbage. Man, what’s next? Is Oasis going to write a song about PLA? Is Staples going to sell 3D printers next to those big jugs of pretzels? So dumb.

Whatever. Put on “Dry the Rain.” Maybe we can move some of these CDs out of here to make room for our corporate shill BS 3D printer. Jeeze.