Save The Mom Puts A Family-Only Social Network On Your iPhone

Italian company and TechCrunch Startup Alley participant at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2013 Save The Mom has created an iPhone app that’s designed to bring families closer together, with social networking tools designed specifically for private use. It’s not only about being social, however, as it includes shared productivity and task management tools to make managing a family easier, too.

The Save The Mom app is a little sexist in its naming, but the tools it offers are pretty useful. It provides tools like grocery and to-do list collaboration within the family, private photo sharing, post appointments and commitments that you have in your own calendar and more. You can even poll family members, maybe to make a meal choice, and record audio notes, which co-founder Davide Dattoli says is especially useful for children that are too young to be able to communicate with written language.

Save The Mom is a free app for iPhone owners, and will be coming to Android within the next few weeks. There’s also an iPad version in the works for late on, too. The free app is supported by in-app advertisement, which has already enabled Save The Mom to make some key partnerships.

“The business model is based on advertising,” Dattoli explained. “We’re partnered with Condé Nast in Italy, and we’re integrated with and we’re developing other partnerships around awards. We know what people buy, and we know what they do and where they do it. Advertisers are very interested in that.”

Asked about privacy concerns, Dattoli said that the company is very careful with client privacy, and doesn’t pass on any kind of identifying information about its users to its advertising partners. That doesn’t mean that customers won’t still be made nervous by the idea of an app designed around private sharing transmitting any kind of information to third parties, but it’s possible the benefits of targeted, relevant deals will outweigh those concerns.