Overheating HTC Evo Shift Burns Owner

A Columbus, Ohio woman found that her HTC Evo Shift had branded her after overheating while it was under her waistband. The woman, Jennifer Grago, reported that she was using the phone’s FM radio while she did yard work.

“I didn’t have pockets so I just put the phone in the band of my sweats. Seemed like an alright option… I felt my phone getting warm so I moved it and trucked on. Figured sweatpants and 70 some degrees was a factor. Went to move it again and it hurt like a #%&@! and skin with it. I swear to god I almost passed out,” she wrote.

Best Buy, where she purchased the phone, told her that phones need “correct ventilation” and should be placed in form-fitting casing.

The phone left a clear outline of the casing on her skin. Phones, which are in essence compact radios, can easily overheat for various reasons but for a device to overheat so egregiously is frightening. Any phone, in the right conditions, can overheat. However, in this case, the device battery was faulty, a problem that was came to light when the FM radio app was running for too long. Devices like the iPhone can overheat when radio-heavy apps like Maps and Pandora run too long but they rarely get hot enough to burn skin. The Evo Shift is two years old and is currently available for free with contract on Sprint’s network.