JamStik, The Mini Guitar That Connects To Your iPhone, Hits Indiegogo


When we first saw the Jamstik at CES this year we called it amazing. Now you can call it yours.

The Jamstik is a MIDI guitar with real strings. It allows you to fret and strum like a real guitar and you can even roll up the octaves by pressing a button on the device. It connects to iOS devices and outputs a MIDI signal that can be used in almost any audio program including Garage Band and Sunrizer.

The device is just 15 inches long and is completely portable. It can teach you how to play guitar by following your hands as you fret or it can mimic other instruments using MIDI voices. In short, it’s a portable git-fiddle with quite a few cool features.

What’s a JamStik? The JamStik is a portable digital guitar that connects to your iPad or iPhone! We use light to scan your fingers as you press REAL STRINGS to REAL FRETS and use REAL PICKING technique to play, then send that information over to your device in real time to take some of the frustration out of learning to play and put some fun back in!

You can fund the project here and buy a Jamstik for $199. They are looking for $100,000 and have already hit $78,000 so there’s an excellent chance this will ship.