‘First Legal’ Online Gambling Site Launches In The U.S., But Only For Nevada Residents For Now

Want the fun of losing your wallet without the free drinks and oxygen high? Now Nevada residents can legally gamble online at ultimatepoker.com, which could roll out nationwide as more states legalize the practice. Since the infamous 2011 “Black Friday” that took down PokerStars and the online gambling cottage industry, a court of appeals overturned the Federal Wire Act law that banned states from legitimizing it for their own residents. Nevada (of course) was the first to pave a legal pathway for casinos to reach residents in their own homes.

The rush to legalize gambling was so fierce that Nevada ratified the law under emergency procedures to beat out New Jersey. “As to our competitor, New Jersey, they should be accustomed to following Nevada,” joked Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval. If the urgency is any indication, more and more states could bring gambling to a large swath of the American public soon.

According to The Republic, “Instead of checking a box certifying they are older than 18, players will have to endure a lengthy account setup process involving a Social Security number and a Nevada address. Only those older than 21 will be allowed to play.”

Online gambling could give the casino industry some serious competition, as gaming companies, such as Zynga, look to cash in on the digital gold rush. Expect legal gambling to grow.