Docurated Is An Enterprise Service To Search And Collect The Data You Need From Your Files

Docurated is a enterprise tool targeted towards enterprise users — it is publicly launching onstage at Disrupt NY. It aggregates all your documents in one place, turning them into a beautiful searchable and customizable database. Docurated will now provide Dropbox integration as well.

“We don’t need any more 20 file sharing solutions,” co-founder and chief product officer Irene Tserkovny said onstage. “We just need one place that are worthy of their idea,” she continued. After installing Docurated, the file and folder metaphor disappears. It’s all about searching for the documents you need and collecting them.

homepage_stackedFor example, if you want to prepare a presentation on one of your products, you first do a search query. Not only will it return relevant documents, it will search for text inside the documents and show those passages as well. Then, you can pick paragraphs, graphics or entire files to add to a collection. You will then have all the information you need in one place. Finally, you can export this data in a single PowerPoint presentation or PDF file.

Docurated users can choose to host their files on Docurated’s servers or to install the product on their private servers. After this simple installation process, you can start adding files and using the visual search and curation tools to create collections.

Now that it integrates with Dropbox, Docurated can become a powerful search and curation tool for your Dropbox-hosted files as well. Docurated competes with Sharepoint or Autonomy, and in some way Box, Dropbox and Google Drive. The main difference with the file-based alternatives is that Docurated does not host any file, it only crawls content to make it searchable. The company counts on its curation features as well to set it apart from the competition.

expanded_view_with_chart_being_extractedOne of Docurated’s key advantages is that you don’t need to maintain a folder hierarchy or to tag files. Everything is automatic and transparent.

The New York-based company received $1.6 million in funding from David Eisner, James Lyle, Leon M. Wagner and Elliot Wagner.

“We are currently selling directly to enterprises,” co-founder and CEO Alex Gorbansky said. “We are also looking at building out our reseller partner program and are exploring OEM opportunities,” he continued. Enterprises can sign up right now for Docurated or the Dropbox vertical.

Questions & Answers

Judges: Heidi Messer (Collective[i]), Peter Pham (Science), Dave Samuel (Freestyle Capital), Scott Stanford (Sherpa Foundry)

Q: How did you come up with the idea?
A: I kept losing time by searching for a PowerPoint presentation. We started prototyping and here we are.

Q: Where do you get the content?
A: We have a sync tool that auto-crawls anything. There is an email bot as well.

Q: How much do you charge?
A: This is a subscription model. It depends on the number of users. It’s $80/user/month. And we have an enterprise account as well. We sell to people that consume the most data.

Q: Those testimonials… Are these from actual customers?
A: We have a pilot at Netflix, Coca-Cola is using it pretty widely.

TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2013 - Day 2