ClickTale Raises $17M For Its In-Page Analytics

ClickTale, a company that helps businesses understand what visitors are actually doing on their websites, just announced that it has raised $17 million in Series B funding.

The company tries to go beyond the standard information revealed by most other analytics services, offering things like recordings of visitor sessions, heat maps that show where people moved their mouse and clicked, and a visualizer showing each step towards converting visitors into paying customers or registered users.

ClickTale says it has more than 80,000 customers worldwide, and the ones mentioned on the company website include LinkedIn, Groupon, and Barnes & Noble. ClickTale launched a mobile web version last year, but its marketing still focuses on the desktop web product, ClickTale Core.

The round was led by Amadeus Capital Partners, with participation from Goldrock Capital and Viola Credit, which provided ClickTale with a $3 million credit facility — as ClickTale co-founder and CEO Tal Schwartz noted via email, taking on debt allows the company to “accelerate growth, yet keep dilution to a minimum.” Yoav Andrew Leitersdorf, the managing partner at YL Ventures, said that prior to this round, ClickTale had raised only $800,000 in funding, mostly from his firm (which the company confirmed).

Schwartz said he wants to continue expanding the product lineup (with some announcements lined up for the comings months) and to increase the Tel Aviv-headquarted company’s footprint in the United States and Europe.