NYC Angels Grab Market Share

Looking forward to this week’s Disrupt NY 2013, we used the CrunchBase dataset to surface regional trends in U.S. angel funding. Not surprisingly, we found relatively few metros with a substantial number of angel funded companies and the San Francisco Bay Area continues to be a formidable presence. But take a look at NYC (in red) – they’ve gone from 12 percent of the angel deals in 2008 to 20 percent in 2013. In fact, NYC appears to the only region with growing market share.


What’s more surprising about NYC’s angel activity is that it is not reflected in its general share of venture rounds. When we looked at non-angel investments we found NYC’s share of activity to be relatively flat since 2008. It’s not clear to us what’s driving this, but we suspect others will have some good theories and that brings us to the data behind the graphs.

To avoid our own Reinhart and Rogoff debacle, we’re publishing all of the data behind these charts. In fact, we’re publishing a significant portion of the CrunchBase dataset in Excel for everyone to slice and dice. You can download the file from the CrunchBase blog where you will also find some instructions and caveats. By publishing this data, we hope to continue a trend we started with our Mining of the Series A Crunch.