Bang With Friends Is Reportedly Raising $1M To Help You Bang With Friends

Bang With Friends, the wonderfully controversial Facebook app that helps you find the people in your social circles with a mutual interest in hookin’ up, seems to be on to something.

As Bang With Friends approaches their millionth user and surpasses their 200,000th “match”, Business Insider is reporting that the company is raising a $1M seed round.

According to the original report, Tim Draper and Great Oaks Ventures are investors on the deal.

Wondering what all the hubbub is about? Bang With Friends lets you anonymously and privately select which of your Facebook friends you’d like to share a bed with. If any of your matches select you as a match, as well, Bang With Friends breaks the ice and connects the dots.

As you might expect, a few parties — primarily religious groups — aren’t quite feelin’ the concept. One group went as far to declare it the “evilest app ever“. On the contrary, I think this is probably the least “evil” way to go about hooking people up that’s possible. If you’re going to have a fling with anyone, who better than those you already know and love?

While the company’s co-founders have chosen to stay mostly anonymous for the time being (primarily for social reasons, they say — of course, a bit of mystery doesn’t hurt their marketing ), I’ve had a few conversations with them in the past. Alas, the team declined to comment on the matter of funding, both in past conversations and in a quick call earlier today.

(And for the curious: don’t worry, it doesn’t seem that anyone on the team is too upset about our lil’ April Fools Prank)