Watch A House Of Cards Spoof With Kevin Spacey And Obama Make A BuzzFeed Pot Joke

Netflix’s “House of Cards” took center stage at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner, with an official spoof about the back room jockeying over seat assignments at the coveted press dinner. The clip even gave a big nod to BuzzFeed’s alternative BBQ held during the actual dinner. Despite their admirable popularity, BuzzFeed is not a member of the White House Correspondents Association and didn’t get a table. “A colonoscopy would be cooler than that dinner,” BuzzFeed Editor in Chief, Ben Smith, says to Kevin Spacey’s character.

BuzzFeed even got a shoutout from the president himself during his annual stand-up routine: “I remember when BuzzFeed was just something I did in college around 2 a.m.,” said the president in an obvious reference to his pot-smoking college days. Watch the whole routine below:

The “House Of Cards” cast was out in full force at DC’s stargazing weekend. There are a lot of entertainers who stroll into town, but Kevin Spacey was the uber-celebrity. Even at Tammy Haddad’s famous Garden Brunch, the A-list crowd couldn’t help but turn heads upon Spacey’s arrival.

On top of viewers, “House of Cards” has made Netflix the talk of the town among policymakers, which could be worth more political capital than the $1 million they spent on lobbying last year. It seemed like everyone was happy to talk with Netflix’s representatives, even just as an excuse to dish about the drama and get some inside details about Capitol Hill’s new favorite pastime.

Interestingly enough, Netflix’s other original series, “Hemlock Grove,” may be off to a better start in terms of viewers, but doesn’t seem to have the same buzz. An obvious but valuable lesson: influential fans are worth a lot.