Saturday Night At The Disrupt NY Hackathon Includes Pizza, Beer, And Dodgeball

It’s after 1am on a Saturday night in Manhattan, and there are still hundreds of people at our Disrupt NY Hackathon. The dedication of the attendees trying to build a cool product in less than 24 hours is both impressive and slightly disturbing.

To capture some of the energy, Drew Olanoff and I took a walk around the venue at around 11pm, as the pizza and beer arrived to give the teams a late-night boost. We watched quick demos of a few cool projects, assessed the quality of the inescapable caffeine gum, and capped things off with an impromptu game of basement dodgeball.

To be clear (I write, hoping not to get fired), the dodgeball game was not an official part of the hackathon, and we played no part in instigating it — that was all down to our hackathon attendees. We just happened to be there to capture the intense action on camera.

And if you think folks look tired now, just wait until tomorrow morning.