From Idea To Development, A Few Hours In At The TechCrunch Disrupt NY Hackathon

The hacking has begun. As I write this, participants of the Disrupt NY Hackathon have been working for about six hours on what they are going to show us onstage tomorrow. We talked with a few of them to see how motivated they are.

Full of energy, most of them are still enthusiastic about the long and (mostly) sleepless night ahead of them. It takes dedication to build something awesome in fewer than 24 hours, but our fearless hackers seem up to the task.

Teams are now working hard to turn their ideas into a working demo. Everybody knows what he or she has to do for his or her team. In other words, the technical and hard part now begins. They will develop, iterate, make compromises and deliver.

But after a few minutes talking to us, developers want to get back to what they were doing. Even after only a few hours in, there is not much time left, given the ambitious ideas of some of those teams. Enthusiasm is contagious, so we can’t wait to talk to them again in the coming hours.

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Video production by Steve Long.