A User’s Guide To Disrupt NY 2013

Disrupt is two days away… and we’ve put together an array of awesomeness with our partners to make your event experience better.

Our conference app: We’ve done a little pivot with our app for Disrupt NY. We’ve invited Pathable to be our partner this year. This web app brings a whole new universe of networking capabilities to the Disrupt community. For starters, it’s plugged right into Eventbrite. Once you’ve registered for the event, you’ll get a neat little invitation to join the Disrupt community.

After you’re signed up, you’ll be able to see who is attending the conference, message other attendees, schedule meetings in our 1-1 meeting rooms, participate in conference discussions, view the agenda, receive updates instantaneously regarding the conference, and check out a list of sponsors. You can find the web app here. And the great thing is, you can access the community after the conference. So, if you can’t find that business card that will change your life, you can just log in to the app and search for the attendee.

Conference Transportation: Uber has offered Disruptors $10 off of rides to and from the Manhattan Center. Now our friends at Uber are geniuses and have geo-fenced the discount, so don’t try to take an Uber from New York to Niagara Falls and expect a $10 discount!

By entering Code “ManhattanNY429” into your app or online at m.uber.com, you’ll be good to go. Please note that the code must be entered before the first ride is taken in order to receive the savings. And, for all you first-time users of Uber you’ll get a whopping 25 bucks off your first ride with this code: “DisruptNYC”.

Watch us on the web: If you’re an armchair Disruptor, thanks to Ustream you’ll be able to view the conference action from the TechCrunch home page or NY Disrupt event page.

Twitter: You can follow and comment on the conference in the twittersphere using the #TCDisrupt hashtag.

Registration: Eventbrite has long been a TechCrunch partner. If you purchased a ticket, you used Eventbrite. We love them and we think you will, too. If you haven’t purchased a ticket, please go do that now!

A few other nice things: Perkins Coie is our official Legal Counsel for Startup Alley. What does that mean? It means that Startup Alley and Battlefield companies at Disrupt are entitled to schedule 1-1 meetings with attorneys from Perkins Coie to get courtesy legal advice. Like, get your corporate charter done now. Or set yourself up for an epic IP battle that will dwarf the patent wars of Samsung and Apple by getting your ideas legally protected. You know who you are. Don’t forget to sign up.

Special thanks: We’d like to extend a special thanks to Sequoia Capital for providing rehearsal space to our Battlefield companies. AND, we’d like to thank AllState Banners – they provide all of the graphics and printed signs for your viewing pleasure. Plus there’s a guy there, Alexander Tsoukias. You’ve been enjoying his Disruptive work since the infancy of TechCrunch Disrupt. We drive him crazy, but he still loves us. Alexander, you’re the best.