Square Hires Former Google SMB Of Global Sales and Operations, Francoise Brougher, As Business Lead

Square has announced the hiring of a new Business Lead, Francoise Brougher, and she comes straight from spending eight years at Google. For the past three years, Brougher held the title of SMB Global Sales and Operations for the online advertising unit at Google.

Although Square has grown its footprint considerably, in part because of its high-profile partnership with Starbucks, the company has yet to announce its plans to address the international market. Today, the service is only available in the U.S. and Canada, which has allowed a plethora of competitors to thrive overseas, especially in European markets where companies like iZettle,  SumUp,PaylevenmPowa and Intuit have already launched.

Here’s what Square co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey had to say about the hiring:

Francoise is a perfect fit for Square. Her accomplishments in growing and managing large, global teams, and her focus on building simple, scalable solutions that empower millions of people, will have a huge impact on our company and our customers.

According to Brougher’s LinkedIn page, she had a hand in advertising operations for all of Google’s online advertisers, policy, quality and ad approvals as well as working on fraud and risk. These are skills that are going to come in handy for Square’s payment processing team.

Brougher’s reason for leaving Google and joining Square is to spend time helping small businesses “find the tools they need to grow and be successful.” She went on to thank her former colleagues at Google for “what we’ve achieved together.” Broughner played a huge role in bringing in advertisers to the system very early on, which now counts for revenue that allows Google to build out all of its moonshot ideas. She’ll be helping Square with customer support and partnerships, in addition to growing out the company internationally.

Prior to Google, Brougher spent four years at Charles Schwab as Vice President of the Business Strategy group.