Classic Note For iOS Is Bringing Blocky Back

In case you can’t wait for Jony Ive to give iOS a complete revamp, there’s Classic Note, an app that will bring back a bit of the Woz-Jobs magic in fully 128K glory. The app includes a note taker and calculator stuffed into a package that harkens back to the days of the original Macintosh.

Created by Salem-based programmer David T Green, the app costs $3.99 an is available now.

“My main inspiration came when I was playing around with System 6 in Mini VMac a few months ago and noted that the flat colors and shapes of the older OS had a lot in common with the design of modern mobile apps such as LetterPress, and Microsofts Metro style apps. From there I just felt it would be incredibly fun to have some simple little apps that reproduced the feel of the old desk accessories,” said Green.

While it’s lean on features, it definitely puts the iPhone screen to good use with large, chunky Chicago-style fonts and enough pixellated buttons to choke a Wild Eep. “There is no support for bit mapped fonts in iOS so I had to hand make a custom font that matches the font used on the original Mac pixel for pixel,” he said.

“Sometimes it’s fun to work within such limited visual constraints.”

[Thanks, Michael!]