Just Sing It Raises $1M For Its iPhone Karaoke App, With Users Recording 500K Songs In Two Weeks

The makers of Just Sing It have announced that they raised $1 million in funding.

I wrote about the app when it launched earlier this month. At the time, CEO Alec Andronikov told me that his vision is to create a truly addictive social experience — users don’t just share karaoke performances, they actually play a game where they have to guess what the other person is singing, and they can win virtual coins that unlock additional content. Ultimately, he said he wants to use karaoke as the hook for a broader social platform.

In the first two weeks since launch, Andronikov said the app was installed 80,000 times. It reached No. 1 in the App Store’s music category, and its users are pretty active, having recorded a total of 500,000 performances during that period. Oh, and apparently Lindsay Lohan is a fan.

The funding came from Tribeca Venture Partners, Lerer Ventures, m8 Capital, Eniac Ventures, Dennis Phelps of Institutional Venture Partners, and Bob Geiman of Redwood Technology Ventures. Just Sing It says it will use the money for further development of the app.

The parent company behind the app is officially called AnyoneGame, but it sounds like the team will be de-emphasizing that name in favor of the Just Sing It brand.