Visual Mobile App Builder Tiggzi Relaunches As, Adds New Enterprise Features

Exadel’s Tiggzi online mobile app development service for iOS, Android and Windows Phone launched almost exactly a year ago and today, the company is officially rebranding it as The reason for this change, the company told me, is to “reflect the evolution of as well as to support where [the] platform is headed. ” The service always stood out from its competition because it focused strongly on connecting apps to existing RESTful APIs, making it more flexible than most similar visual drag-and-drop app building tools on the market. In addition, also offers its own set of backend tools for app developers.

Existing Tiggzi users and their apps will be automatically migrated to the new system and all existing apps will continue to function. will use the same visual editor as and most of the major changes have happened on the backend, where the team added a number of new tools and features.


In this new incarnation, continues to put an emphasis on enterprise and business apps, but there is no reason why you couldn’t also use it to build and text- and data-heavy application for small and medium-sized businesses. For enterprise users, however, the service offers a number of specialized features.

The integration with Exadel’s RESTxpress, for example, now makes it easy for developers to securely connect apps to existing enterprise databases (including support for Oracle databases, for example) and business application. The service allows apps to connect to applications that have to be installed behind the firewall and then makes this data available through a REST API for off-premise apps. Support for and a number of similar enterprise systems is already built into the service.

For developers, connecting an app to these APIs should only take a few minutes, thanks to’s easy to use interface. Indeed, building apps is pretty easy with, though because the tool is definitely meant for professional programmers, there is a bit of a learning curve here.


“Exadel has a broad footprint in the enterprise development space, and we recognize that mobile requires a different approach,” said Exadel CEO Fima Katz in a canned statement today. “With mobile, customers can’t wait for long development cycles to be completed; agility and time to market are extremely important. With enterprises can rapidly innovate and easily onboard developers of all skill levels as all the tools are visual and already deployed in the cloud.”

In addition to supporting external services, also features a number of built-in backend services, including a database, as well as support for mobile push notifications, user management and file storage. All of these, the company notes, are production-ready. In addition, Tiggzi always offered users the ability to share code and API connectors with each other and as the team told me, the company plans to continue this service and expand it in the future. offers a variety of pricing plans, starting with a free plan, which is limited to one project (but still offers 1 million free API calls). Paid plans start at $15 (for three projects) and go up to $180 per month for a plan with 40 projects and up to 15 million API calls.