Raises $325K Led By Kima Ventures For Its Smart Dashboard To Help Track Online/SaaS Expenditure, a yet-to-launch “smart” dashboard to help individuals and small businesses track online/SaaS expenditure, has raised $325,000 in seed funding led by France-based Kima Ventures. Also participating in the round is founder, Jacques-Antoine Granjon, French Accelerator 50 Partners, and Mediastay co-founder Jonathan Zisermann.

The problem that Seedcamp alumni is setting out to solve is that individuals and businesses are relying on an increasing number of online services/SaaS, but tracking these expenses can still involve a lot of manual data extraction and entry when it really shouldn’t need to, and it certainly isn’t good use of anybody’s time — not least a founder of a small business/startup or a larger company’s CFO.

Instead,’s “smart” financial dashboard will somewhat automate this process. By connecting your various online accounts, the service automatically retrieves all of your bills, invoices and associated data into “a single Cloud/App experience”. It sounds like a Mac OSX app will be first out of the gate, with iOS versions to follow. There will also be a Pro (presumably, paid-for) version of the service.

Asked how works its magic behind the scenes, this is how co-founder and CEO Thomas Guillaumin explains the technology: “Our technology has PDF Parsing to extract vendor, amount, date within native e-invoices & PDF documents. Like Zapier, we [also] connect through a service’s API (Freshbooks, AdWords, Recurly etc.). But also by scrapping and crawling online accounts like Mint/Yodlee, to get your T-Mobile, Github or Heroku bills for instance.”

Or to quote the official pitch, is like “ & IFTTT in a single Cloud/App.” Screen shot below.