Game Show Warriors Combines Manga Comic And Casual Gaming

Inzen Studio, a small game startup in Singapore has just released an ambitious project called Game Show Warriors. The launch kicks off with the release of an iOS game called Amazing Studly Strikes, but the studio has quietly released the first two episodes of a Web comic, and episode three just dropped to accompany the release of the mobile game.

The game app will also include the Web comic, according to Inzen’s co-founder, Gerald Tock.

Inzen was started in October last year. Update: Its core team of six is spread out across Singapore, China and Uruguay. Four of them—game designer, technical lead, marketing and product strategist, and lead designer are based in Singapore. The lead artist is in Uruguay and Inzen’s producer is in China.

Inzen Studio, Game Show WarriorsThe comic and its first game center on a character they created, G-man Studly. The game appears to be a tapping frenzy, with waves of enemies attacking G-man Studly from different corners of the screen, requiring you to tap on them furiously as your character scales a skyscraper.

Tock said the team is hoping to make the rest of its project happen. It has enough material for another “larger” game and four mini games to be produced under the Game Show Warriors banner. It plans to wait for the response to the first episode to decide whether to continue, however.

Besides having people download and play their games, Inzen is hoping that the investment into the online manga will get fans making derivative works such as fan fiction, videos or cosplaying as the characters.

The five founding developers in Singapore are graduates ex-developers from the Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab. Prior to creating this project, some of them produced apps that enjoyed some success on the mobile scene. Dark Dot was a shooter they produced in 2011 that climbed to the top of the action charts in 48 countries including China, the US and Singapore, and was the top free iOS app in several Southeast Asian countries.

Check out the trailer for Amazing Studly Strikes here: