Nokia Puts WhatsApp Hard Key On $72 Asha 210 For Asia, Africa; Qwerty S40 Handset Gets Facebook Button In Europe, Latam

Nokia has announced another handset in its S40-based Asha portfolio of low end mobiles which compete with the budget end of Android and cheap BlackBerrys. The 2G-plus-Wi-Fi Asha 210, due to ship befor

Microsoft Inks Patent Deal With ZTE, A Week After Reaching A Similar Agreement With Foxconn

Microsoft has <a target="_blank" href="">signed</a> a patent deal with ZTE that covers all Andr

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review: The S Stands For Super, Not Simple

The Galaxy S4 has an easy mode, and more importantly, the Galaxy S4 <em>needs</em> an easy mode. This necessity is a double-edged sword. It means that the technology built into Samsung's latest genera

Swype Finally Rolls Out Of Beta, Hits The Google Play Store For $0.99

Way back in March of 2010, Swype launched a super private Beta of its then totally mind-blowing swipe-to-type Android keyboard. While they've since shipped it out-of-the-box on dozens of handsets, ope

Adobe Updates Its Social Marketing Tools To Predict The Popularity Of Your Facebook Post

Adobe is announcing new predictive capabilities for <a target="_blank" href="">Adobe Social</a> — capabilities that should be particularly helpful to markete

Reliance Communications Partners With Twitter To Offer Free, Unlimited Access To The Service In India

For those in the United States and other locations that are lucky enough to be able to purchase huge data packages for their smartphones, thinking about deciding to “tweet or not to tweet”

HTC One Review: The Competition Is Fierce, But HTC’s New Flagship Rises To The Challenge

Look, it's no secret that HTC knows how to put together a nice phone. Despite the quality of its wares though, HTC spent most of 2012 releasing disappointing earnings statements and being outflanked b

Twitter Is Testing Two-Factor Authentication Internally, And It Can’t Come Soon Enough

In what was a mind-boggling series of events in real time, one Associated Press hack and a false tweet about the White House sent the stock market into a momentary free fall. Twitter hopes to stop int

The BlackBerry Q10 Is A QWERTY Keyboard Smartphone Comeback Worth Waiting For

The BlackBerry Q10 is, some might say, the BlackBerry OS 10 device that the company should have led with, ahead of its all-touch Z10. That's because it sports a hardware QWERTY keyboard, something tha

Flight Deals Platform GetGoing Takes On Kayak With Souped Up Search Engine For Cheaper Flights

The price of airfare is an ongoing point of frustration for travelers, especially considering that it feels like airlines find every conceivable opportunity to shake you down for a few more bucks. Man

After Years Of Government Scrutiny Over Security Concerns, Huawei Says It’s Quitting The U.S. [UPDATE]

Huawei, the world's second-largest supplier of network gear by revenue, is pulling out of the U.S. after it sales efforts have been repeatedly stymied due to concerns over security. According to <a ta

Indonesian Newsstand App Scoop Closes $2.4M Series B

Apps Foundry just announced that it has raised $2.42 million (S$3 million) in a Series B round of funding. The Indonesian company is registered and headquartered in Singapore, and this round of fundin

Through Dirt-Cheap Genetic Testing, Counsyl Is Pioneering A New Bioinformatics Wave

For cynics who say that Silicon Valley has become too mired in photo-sharing apps and addictive games, take a 15-minute drive to South San Francisco. In a non-descript lab is a company that may be pav

GroupTalent Wants To Hack Tech Hiring In SF And NYC By Fighting Job Spam, Focusing On The “Try Before You Buy” Model

<a target="_blank" href="">GroupTalent</a> launched in December of 2011 to offer solace to the many startups struggling to find top technical talent. Some might

In A Win For E-Hail Services, Judge Clears The Way For Mobile Taxi Apps To Launch In NYC

New York City is one step closer to having regulator-approved e-hail apps, thanks to the end of litigation against the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission. That's because a judge today dismissed a

The BeagleBone Black Is A New Single-Board Computer That Can Brew Beer

While the Raspberry Pi is great for educating kids about computing, can it brew a mean beer? The <a target="_blank" href="">BeagleBone Black</a> can.

Apple Q2 ’13 Intl Sales 56% Of Total Revenues; Cook Defensive On China: “Best Quarter Ever” At $8.8B

<a target="_blank" href="">Apple</a> today posted <a href="">Q2 earnings</a> that beat estimates at $43.6 billion in sales,

Pathmapp Launches An A/B Testing Platform For Native iOS Apps To Let Developers Optimize, Configure In Real Time

A/B testing has long been a fundamental part of developing applications and products for the web, and, with the explosion of smartphones, developers are naturally eager to use the process to test new

Apple CEO Tim Cook Hypes The Fall, Downplays The Summer On New Hardware

Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn't generally talk too specifically about upcoming product plans, but he went out of his way to put an unusually fine point on when to expect new products than he usually does.

TC Cribs: Inside LinkedIn, The Professional Social Network With A Surprisingly Casual HQ

It's time for a brand spankin' new edition of <a href="">Cribs</a>, the TechCrunch TV series where we snoop around inside the parts of hot tech companies th
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