Tribeca Film Festival Narrows Down #6SecFilms Submissions To A Short List Of 40 Awesome Vines

Less than a month ago, Tribeca Film Festival opened up a sub-competition within the festival for those of us with a knack for brevity: the Tribeca Film Festival’s #6SecFilms competition. Partnering with Twitter’s new darling and video-sharing app Vine, TFF made a call for submissions from filmmakers who’d like to use the Vine platform to be featured on, along with a nice cash prize of $600.

Today, TFF has narrowed down its submissions to a short list of 40 submissions from all four potential categories, including Series, Auteur, Animate, or Genre. Finalist submissions will now go before the panel of expert judges, including Penny Marshall and “King of Vine” actor Adam Goldberg, who’s made quite a name for himself on the video-sharing network.

Vine launched back in January to much fanfare, offering users a new way to share video. The app lets you create six-second, looping videos of various clips strung together. It’s a lot like Instagram for video, and it’s clear that advertisers are chomping at the bit to leverage the platform.

So far, we’ve seen an ad agency out of the UK create VineTune, a way to promote music artists by building a music video out of Vines hashtagged with words that correlate to the lyrics of the song. It’s a hoot.

We’ve also seen a Battlefield 3 trailer using Vine, and a much more high-quality Twitter-fied trailer for the forthcoming Wolverine movie, which makes you wonder if there’s some sort of unannounced VIP access brands can tap into.

Though most of the interesting initiatives around Vine have been brand-centric, Tribeca Film Festival’s #6SecFilms competition truly centers around users and creators.

It’ll be quite interesting to see how additional brands and organizations try to leverage the fast-growing social network, but in the meantime, feel free to peruse a few of my favorite submissions that made the short list, or check out the full short list here.