Samsung Galaxy S4 Pre-Orders Start At AT&T, Shipping April 30

Today’s the day. AT&T has officially put the Galaxy S 4 from Samsung up for pre-order on its website. For now, only the 16GB models in both black and white are available, and only in select areas.

AT&T will likely make more models available in the next few days as pre-orders ramp up. The 16GB model starts at $199 with a two-year contract. According to AT&T, the phone will ship on April 30, in two weeks.

The Galaxy S 4 is arguably one of the best Android phone made to date, alongside its fiercest competition the HTC One. Though its plastic-y exterior may turn you off, it has more than a few new software features to keep you excited.

Smart Pause, which stops playing video when the phone can’t detect you’re looking at it, and Air View, which lets you access extra information by hovering over a picture or email subject, are both worth it, in my opinion.

Plus, you can’t forget about that 440ppi 5-inch Super AMOLED display.

So, if you’ve been excited about the new Galaxy S 4 ever since that random little kid started singing and tap dancing on a Broadway stage (and Samsung made a fool of itself), head on over to AT&T and make it happen.

We’ve also heard that there are a few issues with ordering pages, so if at first you don’t succeed, you can hit refresh and try again.

If you happen to be a subscriber at T-Mobile or Verizon, a recently leaked internal memo hinted at release dates of May 1 and May 30, respectively.