MyCanvas Allows Homeowners To Access Their Personal Service Data History In The Cloud

Canvas is a portal for mobile business applications, used primarily by small businesses and contractors to replace their paper forms with smartphones apps. Today Canvas is announcing MyCanvas, a cloud service for their subscribers that allows anyone to access their personal service data history in the cloud.

Canvas wants to make the paper form obsolete. They claim that if you factor in all of their subscribers that have transitioned over to digital forms, they’ve saved 2 tons of paper per month.

MyCanvas is simply the natural next step. They’re trying to make the ugly metal cabinet where you store all of your paper receipts and forms obsolete as well.

Let’s say a plumber that subscribed to Canvas came by to service your home. He would have you fill out a digital form on his phone or his tablet. And up until now, he would then email that form to you himself as a confirmation.

With MyCanvas, that form will automatically be saved as a pdf in Canvas’ servers, and you’d be able to access it right away from any device. Contractors can also upload pictures of their progress to MyCloud as well.

Canvas hopes that MyCanvas will be used to host a variety of other things. Canvas is toying with having promotional offers available for contractors to offer their loyal customers through MyCanvas. They’re also looking into hospitals using MyCanvas as a convenient way for patients to access their medical records.

“MyCanvas is a valuable tool in their arsenal,” says Jim Quigley, CEO of Canvas. “It completely changes how businesses interact with consumers.”

MyCanvas is a tool that makes things more convenient, for contractors and homeowners. It may not be as revolutionary as he makes it out to be, but sometimes convenience is a valuable selling point to have.