500 Startups-Backed Wowzer Launches WowzerMatch For Job Seekers On Mobile Phones

Looking for a job sucks. There’s the process of finding something in a relevant field, then submitting resumes, doing phone interviews, doing in-person interviews, etc. Wowzer wants to make this easier with the ability to streamline the whole process with video. And now, through the magic of a new mobile app, hopes to make applying for a job even easier.

Wowzer, which was originally named Ovia, has built a platform for employers who wish to cut down on the time it takes to review candidates for its jobs.

Instead of doing phone screenings, Wowzer is built to allow for asynchronous video interviews — that is, applicants record video answers to a series of questions that can be watched by hiring staff later. That allows candidates to do the video screening at their convenience, without having to schedule a phone interview, and the HR department to review those screenings without having to set aside blocks of time for applicants who end up being unqualified.

Now Wowzer is taking that to the next level, with a mobile app called WowzerMatch, which combines the ability to record video responses via mobile with a job exploration and matching algorithm designed to improve the results that jobseekers get.

The new product is aimed at the seven out of 10 job applicants who are now applying on mobile devices. And it’s built to surface more interesting jobs and companies, providing candidates with a more complete view into a company’s culture and mission. The goal is to provide a better matchup between candidates and the jobs they’re applying for, while also cutting down on the amount of scheduling and meetings everyone needs to do.

Wowzer is an alum of the 500 Startups Accelerator and has raised $2.5 million from DCM.