Google’s Glass Companion App For Android And Web-Based Setup Wizard Are Now Live

After a slew of updates about Google Glass today, the company has now released some of the final pieces for the Glass launch: the MyGlass companion app for Android and a web-based Glass setup wizard. The companion app, which was first spotted by Android Police, will work on Android devices that run version 4.0.3+ of the operating system, enables Glass to handle SMS messages and also provides location services for the device. While Glass will work with any Bluetooth-enabled phone, these features will only be enabled through the companion app.

Judging from Google’s screenshots, the app will provide access to some of the basic information about the device (including its location), as well as access to the Glassware apps that you have enabled for the device.

As Google helpfully reminds Android users who are tempted to download the app, “if you don’t have Glass, then downloading this will be a waste of time.”

It’s not clear if Google plans to release a similar companion app for other platforms in the future.


Glass Setup

Another new Glass feature that is now live and equally useless for those without the Glass hardware is the Glass setup page. The setup wizard walks users through the first steps of getting started with Glass and uses a QR code that you can scan with Glass to link the hardware with your account. The wizard also allows you to set up Glass on your local Wi-Fi network.