Facebook’s Latest Home Commercial Is Just The Right Amount Of Weird

During the Facebook Home launch event, Zuck premiered the company’s first commercial for the product.

Complete with half-naked dudes stuffed into luggage compartments, surprise drag queens, and an unintentionally spooky child, it was… pretty bad. One guy in the audience behind me whispered “Is this real life?“, faces were palmed, and the room was pretty quiet as the lights came back up. They aimed for weird-funny, but ended up with mostly just weird.

Fortunately, their second attempt is about a thousand times better, if only because it has a goat that screams in Zuck’s face. Plus, unlike the first commercial, this one actually mentions Facebook Home before the last half second of the 60 second spot.

The new TV spot:

(For the curious, that’s totally Facebook’s real Menlo Park HQ)

And for those who missed it, the original, super weird commercial:

If only a funny commercial could save them from a mountain of scathing user reviews.