Sticky Raises $3M To Improve Ad Accountability With Eye Tracking

Sticky, a startup using eye-tracking technology to measure ad effectiveness, has raised $3 million in new funding.

The company is a rebranding of EyeTrackShop, a webcam-based eyetracking service that spun out of Tobii Technologies. The big selling point is the ability to determine not just whether an ad was served and rendered on a consumer’s screen, but whether they actually saw it.

Sticky says customers have access to a dashboard showing an ad’s impact and the actual cost needed to reach 1,000 pairs of eyes. As a result, advertisers can make sure they’re spending money on the formats that are getting the most attention from consumers. The company also suggests that it can help advertisers develop campaigns that make a big splash at the beginning (and pay a higher cost-per-view to make that splash) then move to lower CPV sites to reinforce the message.

“Our mission is to help clean up the digital wasteland of advertising,” said founder and CEO Mathias Plank in the press release announcing the funding.

EyeTrackShop raised a $3 million round last year from European firm Northzone. The new funding comes from Northzone and Conor Venture Partners.

Sticky advertisers include P&G, L’Oreal, McDonald’s, and GroupM.