Links Shared Through Twitter Are Broken, But The Rest Of Twitter Is Working Fine (Update: Just Kidding)

It appears that Twitter is experiencing some performance pains this morning, as links that appear within tweets seem to be automatically borked. Clicking on a link that appears within a tweet will bring you straight to an error page, telling you that “Something is technically wrong.”


Since most of Twitter is working normally, it would appear that, Twitter’s link shortening service, is the one to blame.

Interestingly enough, third-party clients like TweetBot don’t seem to be affected, whereas and TweetDeck are both struggling.

So far, we’ve heard nothing about the issues on Twitter’s performance status dashboard or Twitter Status. We have, however, reached out to the company to ask what the deal is, and will update as soon as we hear back.

Update: Twitter is aware of the situation.

Some proof from around the internet:

When Twitter goes down, of course it’s annoying for those of us who are addicted to its real-time news delivery. But this poses perhaps an even bigger problem.

Tweeting without a link is like talking without a tongue. Good luck getting your point across.

And where the media is concerned, this is an even bigger problem. For example, how will you know to read this if you’re on Twitter. You’ll see a headline, and a link, and yet there’s no bridge to help you get from A to B.

Hopefully Twitter gets this resolved ASAP.

(Update: Apparently links have started to work again, so hopefully this whole thing is behind us. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.)