Twitter Pushes Android App Update To Fix The “Me” Tab Bug

Over the weekend, we told you about an issue with Twitter’s Android update from last Wednesday. The issue centered around the “Me” tab not loading properly, just giving you a spinning wheel on a white screen.

Users took to Twitter to complain about the bug, saying that they couldn’t access important features on the screen, like reading DMs and switching accounts. You could search for yourself and tap on your avatar to find your way to your profile, but that was a hack more than anything else. Most users just thought they had a bad connection and waited for the screen to load…forever.

Today, the company released an update to the app that fixes the bug:

– Fixes “Me” tab loading issues
– Improved UI on Honeycomb devices

I’ve confirmed with multiple people who were having the problem that this update does indeed fix the issue, and the “Me” tab is now loading quickly. It didn’t seem to affect every Android device, but the folks it did affect have been pretty loud about it since last Wednesday. Here’s a tweet from just a few hours ago:

Screenshot_2013-04-08-15-26-06Consider the bug squashed.

Twitter has been working on unifying the experience for the service on all platforms, including native apps. The main reason for pushing out updates to the mobile versions were to incorporate the new Twitter Cards that were announced last week.

This was just a bump in the road for an otherwise beautifully redesigned app that now lets you cycle through your four tabs with a gesture.

Now all four tabs work.

[Photo credit: Flickr]