Audi And T-Mobile Bring New Data Plans To Drivers As Low As $15/Month


T-Mobile has always been the data provider behind Audi’s Connect infotainment system, which some would call the best connected car system on the market.

But the two companies have announced some new data plans which could help Audi owners save a buck or two on connectivity.

The new plans let customers purchase unlimited data for $30 month-to-month, or sign up for yearly contracts at a discount — $324 for a year, $600 for two years, or $450 for 30 months. That last one brings your monthly cost as low as $15 per month, and even less if you count the 6-month free trial the car comes with.

Previously, Audi Connect owners were limited to a $30 month-by-month payment.

This is yet another step toward connected car ubiquity. Almost every car manufacturer is looking at how they can better integrate our digital lives with our driving lives. And though it’s changing rapidly, the car industry isn’t going anywhere.

Companies like Ford and BMW have already opened up their systems to third-party developers, and more OEMs are sure to follow suit.

But before developers can start thinking past the mobile ecosystem, and even past wearables like Google Glass, into the future of the connected car, more OEMs need to take a note from Audi and ensure that wifi-enabled drivers are getting the most bang for their buck.

Audi’s system includes SiriusXM radio, Google Earth and Google Voice, and a full host of apps like weather, news, etc.