Mightybell Adds The Ability To Schedule A Meeting Time To Collaborative Online Spaces

Last year, Ning co-founder and former CEO Gina Bianchini decided to refocus her startup Mightybell on offering a sleek, design-focused collaborative online space for creative projects and groups. Today, the startup is taking its vision to the next level with the ability to schedule a time to meet.

Mightybell’s groups allow for a discussion-focused open space for users to share photos, videos, comments and more. Users in these spaces can post photos, write a note, chat with others via a chat functionality, comment, like an interaction and more. Users can also customize a particular collection and create a these around their space, which can be public or private.

As Bianchini explains, Mightybell found that the number one challenge to organizing a thriving group is finding a time to meet. Generally, the “time to meet” conversations end up on email, despite the fact that the actual sharing and discussion is taking place on Mightybell within a community.

The feature offers any group the ability to poll members to find a time to meet directly with their Mightybell space. To “Find a Time to Meet” in a Mightybell space, a person clicks to post and chooses to add an event. If the organizer doesn’t know what time and dates work for everyone, they just click “Get Started” under Find a Time to Meet. The event organizer can name the event and can also add a bit of color to entice people. The organizer can also add videos, files and photos to the event. The organizer can poll dates for which ones work best.

When a majority of members have shared their preferences, the event organizer can pick that time and finalize the event. The Mightybell space immediately lets everyone know when the meeting is.

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Mightybell, which raised $3.6 million from Floodgate, Greylock and First Round Capital, also just announced that it is powering groups for Sheryl Sandberg’s LeanIn circles.