Chairs Only Have Bit Parts In Facebook’s First Official Facebook Home Ad


Facebook has posted its first official promotional video for Facebook Home to its YouTube account, and unfortunately it isn’t the bizarre video set on an airplane they showed during their presentation earlier today. Instead, it uses the classic method of tugging at your heart strings and playing on your disconnectedness from real-life relationships to suggest how much a device could help with that.

The idea that using a phone will somehow bring you closer to your immediate real-world family and friends more so than, say, actually interacting with them in person is nothing if not a little bit ridiculous. And that comes through in the way that people in the video are either A) laughing and having fun with friends, or B) checking out Facebook Home on what looks like the new HTC First hardware, but never truly C) doing both at once.

Maybe saddest of all is that Facebook no longer seems to care so much about its similarity to chairs. Now it’s more like “hugs are like Facebook.” Or “Facebook Home is like your friends, only more social.”


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