What The Facebook Phone Actually Means

Ambient intimacy, accelerated social life, thawed relations between Google and Facebook, and an iPhone that looks impersonal by comparison. These are just a few of the short-term ripple effects of the Facebook “Phone” project to be unveiled April 4th. In this video, I recap leaked intel from my sources and 9To5Google, show photos of the phone itself plus its software, and discuss why you might even care.

To some people and a lot of businesses, it’s going to be a big deal over the next year. Even bigger if it succeeds. Watch the video to see why.

…And then there’s the long-term plan. Facebook Phone International. Where it holds the hands of the developing world and brings it online, social from the start. But that’s another story.

If text is more your thing, read our in-depth coverage of the Facebook Phone below, and check back at 10am PST on April 4th as we report live from the announcement at Facebook headquarters:

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[Image Credit: LivePencil]