SiSense Raises $10M For Data Analytics Platform That Gives Everyday User A Data Scientist’s Tools

SiSense has raised $10 million from Battery Ventures for platform that targets the growing number of companies with terabaytes of data to analyze and visualize The round was led by Battery Ventures with participation from Opus Capital and Genesis Partners.

SiSense uses what it calls the “ElastiCube,” a high-performance analytical database that leverages server technology to maximize machine RAM and CPU use. The package includes the database and data visualization software for showing the analysis. The software can be installed as software on the cloud or on premise. CEO Amit Bendov said the majority of customers prefer to use SiSense on premise where most of a company’s data resides.

SiSense, founded in 2004, started with five employees who spent six years developing the SiSense platform. Today, the company has 37 employees and expects to have 70 people by the end of the year.

The growth comes from SiSense capabilities to process data without the need to build out complex, on-premise solutions.  Customers can use SiSense instead of  heavy, IT-centric deployments such as HP Vertica. The company also competes with companies such as Tableau Software that Bendov says can’t process what SiSense can.

SiSense won the audience award at the Strata Conference earlier this year for its record-breaking claim that it can analyze 10 terabytes of data on a $10,000 Dell server in 10 seconds.  The record is a reflection of the innovation in the database market and the need for deeper analytics capabilities for companies processing terabytes of data.