Seagate Ships World’s First 4TB HD With Four 1TB Platters

Seagate will be shipping a 4TB hard drive that has the distinction of being the world’s first to include a 1TB per platter design. This basically means that each spinning disk in the hard drive has a capacity of 1TB, and that there are four of them.

It’s not everyday that you can claim to that have something that’s the “world’s first”, so don’t be too hard on Seagate.

This certainly isn’t the first hard drive to have a 4TB capacity, but apparently the new 1TB per platter design significantly increases the hard drive’s performance over the competition. It consumes 35 percent less power than comparable drives on the market with 4TB capacities, and at 145MB/s, it has the highest average data rate as well.

But most importantly, the new design will also bring down costs. A hard drive in an external casing can be had for $212, while just the bare drive will cost around $190.

Bring on the terabytes, Seagate. My body and my illegally downloaded movies are ready.