Downtown Project Buys 100 Teslas To Launch Project 100, A Car-Sharing Service In Las Vegas

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project just announced a new venture called Project 100, a complete transportation system for Las Vegas. For a monthly subscription fee, users will be able to borrow a car, get a driver thanks to an app or take a bike for a ride. But the key feature is that you’ll ride in a Tesla Model S — the Downtown Project just bought 100 Teslas.

The deal with Tesla represents the largest single US reservation in Tesla’s history. Business Insider first reported that Tony Hsieh planned to buy 100 Teslas, but the official announcement happened today. The Project 100 may order other car models in the future, such as low-range Polaris GEMs and other cheap cars for short distances. Going 100% electric will help respect the environment but will require new infrastructure to support them. Local Motion will supply the underlying technology.

Users won’t be billed hourly or based on the distance they travel. Instead, the Project 100 plans to implement a flat subscription fee that will cost slightly less than owning a car and paying for the insurance, representing less than $400 a month according to the project’s FAQ.

Yet, ZipCar and Uber could launch in Las Vegas soon. The idea is to create a new service that can handle all your needs when it comes to driving around the city. You don’t have to think about which service to use — moreover, driving a Tesla is cool.

Led by Zach Ware, the Project 100 will begin a beta test in the coming months. Now that it ordered 100 Tesla Model S’s, it will have to create hubs in multiple locations and release the app, a key element to manage your account and get a car.

The Project 100 is another part of the Downtown Project to revitalize Las Vegas’ downtown area. As it can be hard to find a taxi in the city, Las Vegas residents will be able to move around the city more easily thanks to those Tesla Model S’s.